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Import License (IRC)

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How to get Import Registration Certificate (IRC) in Bangladesh?

Anyone can Import any permissible item without any value and quantity restrictions and without obtaining any permission from any authority in Bangladesh but the Import Registration Certificate (IRC) or import license is needed for the import of the same.
In Bangladesh, the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) which is an individual organization under the Ministry of Commerce issues this import certificate or import licence and the legal basis for this permission is found in Import Policy Order 2015-2018.

So finally, Import Registration Certificate (IRC) or import licence is a mandatory document for business entities who are desirous of importing raw material or any other special items to Bangladesh.

Procedure of issuance of Import license in Bangladesh

Stage-01: Aplication Filing

Submit the application form along with the prescribed fee and to the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCIE). Anyone can file the application for obtaining the Import Registration Certificate (IRC) which is well known as Import License.


Stage-02: Receive the Certificate

After formalities checking the submitted documents, the office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports will issue the license in favor of the applicant.


Stage-03: Renewal of IRC

IRC is required to be renewed every year. The required documents are:
IRC and Passbook ( Original copy and Two set Photo Copy)
Renewal Application by the applicant
Treasury Challan of the annual renewal fee at Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank (Original copy and Two set Photo Copy)
The applicant is required to arrange the below-mentioned documents and deposit the annual renewal fee at Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank

Note: Renewal of IRC can also be done by the Nominated Banks as per the Import Policy Order 2012-15. The IRC applicant needs to mention the name of a single Nominated bank in the IRC application form for subsequent renewals.

Official/Government Fees for Renewal is the same as below mentioned


The importers have been classified into 6 (six) categories on the basis of their value ceiling of overall annual import. The initial category wise registration fees and annual renewal fees are as under

Registration and Renewal fee for IRC (Commercial & Bangladesh Entrepreneur)

New Registration

Limit Govt. Fee Our Fee Total (Taka)
5 Lac Tk. 6900 Tk. 20000 Tk. 26900
25 Lac Tk. 12650 Tk. 25000 Tk. 37650
50 Lac Tk. 21850 Tk. 25000 Tk. 46850
1 Core Tk. 35650 Tk. 25000 Tk. 60650
5 Core Tk. 52900 Tk. 30000 Tk. 82900
Unlimited Tk. 70150 Tk. 30000 Tk. 100150


Limit Govt. Fee Our Fee Total (Taka)
5 Lac Tk. 4600 Tk. 7000 Tk. 11600
25 Lac Tk. 6900 Tk. 7000 Tk. 13900
50 Lac Tk. 12650 Tk. 7000 Tk. 19650
1 Core Tk. 18400 Tk. 7000 Tk. 25400
5 Core Tk. 26450 Tk. 10000 Tk. 36450
Unlimited Tk. 35650 Tk. 10000 Tk. 45650

Required Documents for Registration or Renewal

1.   Photo of the applicant/owner/proprietor/managing director

2.  NID of the applicant/owner/proprietor/managing director

3.  Up to date Trade licence (Original Copy)

4.  eTIN

5.  Up to date membership certificate (Original Copy)

6.  Up to date Bank Solvency Certificate (Original Copy)

7.   MOA (in case of a company)

8.  Form XII MOA (in case of a company)

9.  Incorporation Certificate MOA (in case of company)

10.Partnership deed (in case of Partnership Firm)

11. Environment Certificate(in case of a factory)

12. Company PAD

13. Mobile & e-mail address.